Heavy Laden

NOW AVAILABLE: Heavy Laden: Hope in the Gospel for Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Illness

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You or someone you know likely suffers from a mental health condition.

Nearly one in five American adults do. Many of those one in five have experienced the stigma that still comes with mental illness– even in the church. They have been told to pray harder for healing, or simply that their faith is inadequate; the scriptures have been wielded as a weapon against the vulnerable.

Yet Jesus tells the heavy laden “come to me,” not “suck it up and try harder.”

The same scriptures that have been weaponized, in truth, convey a message of hope, comfort, and healing in the face of mental illness. A sensitive exploration of scripture with moments of achingly transparent autobiography, Heavy Laden paints a picture of a God who draws near to the broken and a faith that invites them in– even when people don’t. 

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