Lessons from my Mom

This Mother’s Day has me reflective. I’ve realized that when I think of the kind of strong woman I want to be, I think about my mom and all the things she’s taught me. She taught me how to cook, sew, wear blush and sing harmony. She modeled how to handle whatever life throws at you with grace, dignity, and unwavering faith. So today, I’d like to celebrate my mother and reflect on all things my mother has taught me.

“It’s a Part of Life, Honey.”

When you’re a kid with anxiety, life is overwhelming. Growing up is full of new things, and new things are hard.

I don’t know how she actually felt. But she was the rock I needed. She approached every new phase with the calm, level-headed assurance of knowing that life is full of highs and lows, and nothing is the end of the world. I’ve never seen her be knocked down and not get back up, and because of her, I have the confidence to do the same.

“When You Both Put God First, Everything Else Falls Into Place.”

I always admired my parents’ marriage. In fact, in a lot of ways, I strive to model my own marriage after theirs. I’ve never seen my parents speak anything but kind words to each other. I used to think true love was a bright, hot flash. They showed me that it’s a slow burning flame that keeps burning no matter how hard it rains.

I asked my mom the secret once. What she said has stuck with me my whole life: “When you both put God first, everything else falls into place.”

Of course. Marriage is not always sunshine and roses. Who else could sustain you when you’re living out “for better or worse?” Just as He has kept my parents, He has been faithful to keep Josh and me.

“You’ll Understand When You Have Your Own Kids”

I used to think my mom worried too much. Sometimes I still do. But what I see as worrying, she sees as caring.

She’s a nurturer. She goes out of her way to make sure her children’s every need is met— even her almost 25-year old married adult child with her own house and her own business. It would be easy to think she continues to take care of me thinking I can’t take care of myself, but really, I think it’s far simpler than that. Even though I stopped being a child, she never stopped being a mom. A switch flipped inside her the day I was born, and I don’t think she could undo it if she wanted to.

I’ll always be grateful for that switch. As grown-up as I fancy myself to be, I only foresee needing my mom more at each stage of life. I just hope that one day, when I do have my own kids, when they’re out late and I’m up worried because they won’t text me back, she’ll comfort me instead of giving back a well-deserved “I told you so.”

I’ll always need my mom a little bit. Actually, I firmly believe you need her more when you grow up and move out. Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Love you. 💕

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