MUSINGS VLOG: Jesus Never Said to Suck it Up

On the first-ever episode of the Musings of Madison Vlog, we’re going to discuss my heart for this vlog and God’s heart for those who struggle with mental illness.

One response to “MUSINGS VLOG: Jesus Never Said to Suck it Up”

  1. Madison. I saw this post when you made it, but just now had the time to catch up on Word Press. I have struggled with social anxiety and depression as well. My condition doesn’t reach the clinical level, but I’ve had a couple of panic attacks in the last year or so that were quite debilitating.

    I enjoyed you VLOG post. The most powerful part came in minute seven when you shared Matthew 11:28 and pointed out that Jesus never said, “Just Suck it Up.”
    You’ve said before you appreciate feedback, so here goes:

    1. Shorten your Vlog posts to five minutes or less.
    2. Talk about one thing–like Jesus never said Just Suck it Up–and wrap up the post.
    3. Share links to other information if needed.
    4. Maybe combine a blog post with a video thought at the end?

    God’s best to you,


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