A Prayer About Marriage

Dear God,

You have provided, and you have done it well. Just as in the garden, you have looked down on me and said “it is not good for you to be alone.” As young men have come along that were not meant for me, you have corrected my path. Forgive me for when I ran toward them when I should have run toward you. Thank you for your grace in taking me with open arms when I needed to cry about the heartbreak.

Thank you for the man you have sent me now, about whom you finally whispered “yes, this is the one.” Thank you for doing it too soon for my comfort, that I may learn to trust you.

Thank you for making Him who He is. I thank you that He chases you wholeheartedly. Thank you for making him strong where I am weak, and vice verse. Thank you for making him always kind, respectful, and honest. Thank you for making him the kind of man who does the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Most of all, thank you for the gospel that marriage exemplifies. Thank you for, like a godly husband, laying aside your own life to pursue and redeem your bride. Thank you Jesus for, like a godly wife, submitting to the loving will of the father.

God, I want to live in gratitude for these gifts. So I need you to help me. I need you to help us.

Help me seek you first. Making an idol of my husband does no one any favors. He will fail me, but you will not. You are meant to be first, for only you can satisfy.

Help me be a wife that gloriously lives out the gospel in marriage. Let me embody the patience and love that you have bestowed on me. Let me forgive easily, as you have forgiven me. Let me be a walking reminder of your grace in our home.

In your Word, you’ve asked godly wives to submit to sacrifically-loving husbands. The Greek “submit” means to willing stand under and lift up. It means to lay aside pride to support. Let me be that, Lord: not silent or thoughtless, not a doormat, but a strong support.

Finally, God, I know that whatever you give to my husband and I will be good. Whether we have a little or a lot, give us nothing of which we cannot let go for the sake of the gospel. Whether our home is big or small, let us throw open the doors to a lost and dying world. Help us to be faithful in little and in much. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, let us hold tight to each other, but more importantly, to you.

In Jesus’ Name,


One response to “A Prayer About Marriage”

  1. You 2 are meant for each other love you both and miss you guys may the good lord be with you both all through out your marriage.


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