God as an Artist

Everywhere I go, I look for signs and reminders of God’s goodness. Today that was in an art museum. I found it surprisingly easy: God is a creator. He created gorgeous fall trees, like the one above. He created us in His image, with the ability to create – just like Him. My two-hour immersion in the arts inspired this free verse poem of thanks. Enjoy!

Dear God,

Thank you for art;

That you lavished your vast creativity

On the human race.

Thank you for giving us an outlet

To share sorrow,


Praise –

To illicit laughter,



Thank you for a word full of color,


Pleasing to the eye –

For a reminder

That you don’t wish us

A joyless existence

Or conformity to the masses.

Thank you for music:

Major keys for our mountaintops,

And minor keys for our valleys.

High notes for our attempts to reach you

And low notes for our moans for your help.

Thank you for words –

That symbols on a page

Or sounds off the tongue

Create art in our minds,

Tell stories,

Hold the power of life and death.

Thank you for the greatest story ever told –

For words that save.

Thank you for living sculptures

Crafted in your image –

For reminders of your goodness.

Thank you for the gifts you’ve given them

That allow them to create,

To imitate you.

For all the ways it points to you

Thank you for art.


Thank you.

2 responses to “God as an Artist”

  1. Words, like paint, or charcoal, or clay, don’t elicit much feeling by themselves. It takes the artist to combine words in just the right way to paint a picture on the mind. That was a wonderful picture, Sis. Keep up the good work.


    1. musingsofmadisonblog Avatar

      Thank you so much Bill. That means a lot.


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