Perfection Isn’t the Important Thing

The beginning of a new school year is like my New Year’s Eve. Every year I try to be a little more put together, setting goals and resolutions that I know I will break by October.

I’ve really gotten into it this time around, since this will be my last proper first day of class. New pencils, planners, and pencil cases aid my attempt to be more organized. I tell myself I’m going to wake up earlier, eat healthier, exercise more, read more, and watch Netflix less. I’m going to make my bed every day. Most importantly, I’m going to spend more time in the Word.

This is all well and good, but as I try to stick to this idea of perfection I’ve set for myself, my anxiety goes through the roof. Every failure injures my pride and makes me question my ability to “adult.” My unmade bed stresses me, and my unfinished books mock me. They remind me “you’ll never quite measure up to what you hope to be.”

But here’s the thing: they’re right. But that’s good news.

As I spend more time with God (another resolution), I find relief from anxiety and clarity about life. He answers my many prayers for peace with glorious truth. One such truth is that many of the earthly things we prioritize simply don’t matter.

The world will not end if my bed goes unmade for a day. The occasional Netflix binge is okay. There are no major consequences if I don’t put on makeup one morning. But people matter. Souls matter. Eternity matters. Jesus matters.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and these things will be added to you,” He promised in Matthew 6. When my heart begins to pound because perfection eludes me (again), He faithfully brings these words to me. With my limited time and energy, I should be studying my Bible and praying fervently. I should be seeking out those who need to hear the good news of the gospel. I should be meeting the needs of my brothers and sisters in Christ. And all my needs? They will be added to me.

This is so freeing, because I am told to focus my efforts on something of which I can’t control the results. I can’t change hearts or will my growth – only God can. God uses imperfect people like me, because perfection has never been the important thing – Christ is.

One response to “Perfection Isn’t the Important Thing”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Madison! I struggle with this a lot too and this really helps!


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