God of the Misfits

Growing up, I never quite felt like I fit in. I know of so many people that can relate to that sentiment. At first it was just that I was the "smart kid," but then someone decided that that made me different. I liked and thought about different things than my classmates. I was a misfit.

Whoever decided I was different, also decided that labeling me was easier than trying to understand or accept me. I was too much this, not enough that. I always felt expected to conform to some ideal, unattainable image that didn't quite look like me.

I firmly believe that God has a special place in His heart for misfits. When Jesus walked the Earth, you could usually find Him talking to the ones society had cast out: the tax collectors, the promiscuous and adulterous women, the sinners of the day. He sought out the ones who looked least like society's unattainable image.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate unattainable image, yet God's Word tells us that we look more like Him than we know:

"… In the image of God, He created them; male and female He created them." Genesis 1:27

The Word also tells us that we are to conform to His image. What stops us is the fact that we are fallible, dirty, sinful, human beings trying to imitate a perfect God.

But rejoice! Jesus is the only unattainable role model who made himself more attainable. His sacrifice allowed us to get to close enough to know the One we are imitating. His Spirit works within us to make us more like Him. We were created a reflection of God; when we imitate Him, we become better versions of ourselves.

So fear not, fellow misfits of the world; in Christ we have a place to belong and a more perfect way to be ourselves. There are lots of ways not to fit in, but one place we all know we can go: the arms of Jesus.

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