Forgive Yourself

The new year is a time for new beginnings. But far too often we find ourselves dwelling on the past: it’s mistakes, misfortunes, and faux pas. We replay the things we shouldn’t have said and done, and let our mistakes haunt us.

For some this is just a symptom of anxiety; for others, a symptom of deep, agonizing regret. I have (informally) counseled young women haunted by their pasts, writhing in their guilt and shame. They struggle, praying for forgiveness time after time, only to still feel burdened with their regret. They wonder, “why won’t God forgive me?”

The beautiful, biblical truth is that God forgave them the moment their heart uttered a cry of repentance. He beckons them to rest in His mercy. But Satan is crafty. He blocks their path by whispering reminders of their transgressions into their ear, rendering them unable to forgive themselves. 

So if this is you, forgive yourself. If the Creator of the universe doesn’t hold your past against you, who are you to hold it against yourself? What position have you earned to judge more harshly than God? 

Forgive Yourself, for He has forgiven you. Rejoice.

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