Cultural Christianity vs. Christ-Following Christianity

Cultural Christianity says, “Go to church and act right, and that’s all it takes to save you.”

Christ-following Christianity says “Jesus died for me; that’s all it took to save me.”
Cultural Christianity says: “Clean yourself up, and only then can Jesus save you. 

Christ-following Christianity says, “Surrender what you already are to Christ, and let Him make you new.”

Cultural Christianity says “some sins are bigger than others.”
Christ-following Christianity says, “All have sinned and fall short; all sin grieves God’s heart.”

Cultural Christianity says “you are not like me, and I feel threatened.”
Christ-following Christianity says “you are not like me, but I love you as Christ does.”

Cultural Christianity says, “Your appearance hurts our church’s reputation.” 

Christ-following Christianity says, “God looks upon the inward man.”

Cultural Christianity says, “My rights are the most important thing.” 

Christ-following Christianity says, “I lay down my rights for you, as Christ laid down his life for me.”
Cultural Christianity says “this is our country, and we need to take it back.” 

Christ-Following Christianity says, “I freely give what is mine to you, because Christ has freely given to me.”

Cultural Christianity worships our ideals and traditions.

 Christ-Following Christianiry worships a God who allowed Himself to be broken and poured out for sinners.

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