Bride Awaiting the Groom: Lessons from The Office

Anyone who has been in contact with me recently will tell you that my recent Netflix obsession is The Office. Every night, after homework is done, extracurricular activities are over, and I’m back in my dorm room, I watch at least two episodes before I go to bed. Sometimes a few more. If you were to ask me my favorite fictional couple, I would quickly answer “Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley.” I want to see the two of them together more than I want to find my own soul mate.

The first few seasons of The Office are pretty painful for “Jam” fans (as I have dubbed the two of them). We watch in frustration and anticipation as they date other people, gaze at each other longingly when they think no one can see, and question the other’s feelings toward them. At times it made me want to yell at my computer screen. But then I had to stop, breathe, and remind myself that in the end, they find a way to each other. Love wins.

As strange as it may sound, our lives as Christians are a lot like watching The Office. The world around us is in chaos; bad things happen to good people. Innocents lose their lives. The world grows ever more hostile toward a God that loved them enough to die for them, and we deal with various forms of persecution because of that. 

So we yell at the sky in anticipation and frustration, asking God when it will end? We wring our hands in worry over the future, wondering what will become of us if the unimaginable happens. But that’s when we have to stop, breathe, and remember that in the end, Christ and his bride, the Church, find a way to each other. More than that, He made a way for His bride to reach Him when she fell short. Love wins. 

I’ve read the back of the book; for those who trust Christ, there is no losing. So don’t wring your hands in worry over the future; know that He has secured your future.

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