In Dark Times

I’ve never been under the illusion that the world is a good, safe, or fair place. Certainly it contains good things and good people, but it also holds a darkness that permeates these good things. But never in my short 20 years have I seen a year full of such senseless tragedy and violence. We’ve seen the slaughter of black men by corrupt cops, the slaughter of good cops by angry men, and the slaughter of unsuspecting innocents by ISIS militants. The boodshed has permeated every continent and affected every nation. 

In this election year, politicians on every level of government shove their solutions in the faces of the public and claim to have the answers. Sadly their answers usually entail more violence, or marginalizing an entire ethnic or religious group. Everyone is entitled their political opinion; this is America after all. But may I spoil for you the answer I read in the back of the book?

None of them can save us.

For the Christian, our hope in this time of slaughter does not rest on effective foreign policy, or military defense, or any human precautionary measure. And I thank God that it doesn’t. Our hope rests squarely on the scarred shoulders of our Savior. We can rest easy knowing that this world is but a fading mirage, and one day we will be home. There is no truly bad news for us. 

The fact of our salvation does not negate our calling to weep with those who weep, and to mourn with those who mourn. I have felt deep grief for the African American community, the law enforcement community, and those areas affected by terrorism (so basically everywhere). In fact, our salvation makes our calling more pressing. I want more than anything for my family, my neighbors, and my dear friends to share the unshakeable hope I have found in Jesus Christ. I want them to have the assurance that there is more for them than violence and death.

The darker the world grows, the more the light is needed. So to the Christian, I say do not dim your light. Be the hands and feet of Christ. Weep with the grieving. Serve those in need. Let the world know who Jesus is.

To the non-Christian, I say there is more than this. There is an eternal reprieve from evil. And it is yours for the taking.

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