Where Healing Begins

“Life’s tough, get a helmet.” The character Eric from Boy Meets World gave this golden nugget of advice to his younger brother. The statement’s lack of eloquence does not negate its truth. From the time we are born, the world beats against us, leavings us with bruises and scars that take time and effort to heal.

I have my fair share of scars, some deeper than others. I have shed tears, cried out asking God why healing doesn’t come sooner or more easily, asking why it sometimes feels as though He is silent when I need Him. I lament the fact that I don’t have more answers, more power to protect myself from pain, or a way to turn back time and erase the mistakes I made. 

I continue to believe healing will come. It always does, however gradually. God uses my time waiting and trusting him to teach me lessons. One of those lessons came during a bout of wondering what I am supposed to do to begin to move forward. What steps do I take to move toward healing?

I wondered this many nights, but finally an answer came from the book of 2 Corinthians. Chapter 10, verse 5 commands us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. A pastor whom I greatly respect once told me that every negative feeling we experience is rooted in a lie. When we take our thoughts captive, we confront the lie with the truth. For Christ is the ultimate truth. 

The truth of our God leaves no room for fear, or anxiety, or bitterness, or pain. He has conquered anything that could plague us on the cross. Even death we can stare in the face and laugh at, because our next home is far better. Make no mistake, this world will bring us trouble. But take heart; he has overcome it.

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