Thank You for the Bad

Lord, you’ve blessed me with so many great things in my life: a good home, a family, good friends, church family, gifts, opportunities, an education, and too many other things to name. And I’m beyond grateful for all of it. But today, instead of thanking you for the good things, you’ve given me, I want to thank you for the bad.

Lord, thank you for all the bad things in my life.

Thank you for the people who have walked away from me when I needed them. Because I learned discernment in who to trust. I learned to listen to you the first time rather than indulging my own feeling. And most importantly, I learned how to forgive as you have commanded me to. And Lord, to think that you have forgiven me of a thousand more transgressions than I have forgiven anyone is humbling and awe-inspiring.

Thank you for the heartbreak you have allowed me to endure. Because every time I am knocked down, I can only fall on my knees. And you have been so faithful to meet me there. Heartbreak often comes when I am far from you, but the pain is what brings me back. And the joy I get from your nearness outweighs the pain I had to go through to get it.

Thank you for the bad things I have done. I thank you that none of them prompted you to turn your back on me permanently. Because in that poignant moment of clarity in which I realize how I have grieved your heart, I also get to realize the extent of your love for me and the grace you give. I get to learn firsthand why your way is the best way, and that you have had my best interests in mind since the dawn of time.

So basically Lord, I have no grievances to bring before you. Even if I did, they would ultimately be for my good. In trusting you, there is no downside. Thank you for all you are and have given me because in the end, it is all good.


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