Your Story is Powerful; Tell It.

Tonight I found myself sitting in Amplify (a worship service) in the EKU BCM, considering starting a blog. Yes, I know I should have been paying attention to the message, but bear with me for a moment. I had plenty of excuses not to: “I have nothing interesting to say,” “I won’t have time to keep up with it,” etc. 

Then God spoke to me in the form of Jeff Prosser. He said, “Your story is powerful. Tell it.” I consider that my “go ahead” from God. My excuses were suddenly invalid.

My story is not one that would usually make people cry or marvel at the goodness of God. I wasn’t saved from a drug addiction or tragic accident. I was the church kid; the quintessential good girl. I was saved at the age of seven and never left the church. 

But the truth is, no matter who you are, life will get hard. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life, and depression for over three years. I have considered suicide and self harm more times than two hands can count. The powerful part of my story is that through every anxiety attack, depressive spell, and dark thought, God has never forsaken me. 

More than that, he has given me joy even in those dark moments. He has promised to take my struggles and transform them into something good, a promise he has never not fulfilled. Yes, friends, I still struggle. But that struggle drives me back to the only one who can sustain me through it.

Never doubt the power of your own story. For in telling our stories, we tell the story of the gospel.

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