Hi! My Name is Madison J. Caplinger

I’m a Christian author, singer/songwriter, and mental health ministry advocate.

It’s Amazing How God Uses Our Stories.

From a young age, everything I’ve ever loved doing has been a form of storytelling. As a child, I began journaling to express all the big feelings I didn’t understand yet. That turned into writing stories, memoirs, poetry, and more. At the age of 12, after years of reading lyrics and songwriters’ names in CD booklets, I began writing my own songs.

As a Christian teenager struggling with anxiety and depression, writing in all its forms became a lifeline. It was my way of communicating with God, with others, and with myself. Soon, I realized that telling my own story could have an impact on others with similar struggles.

My newest book, “Heavy Laden: Hope in the Gospel for Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Illness,” my blog, and my music are all my way of telling the story of God walking with me through dark and difficult times, even when people didn’t. Get to know me here, but more importantly, get to know the Jesus that is ready to draw near to you.

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